Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Open Road...

Hi! I am now safely in South Carolina (I actually have been here for a few days, but got really busy). I drove with my cousin in my little Jeep all the way out here from Utah. 
I was able to fit all the stuff I needed in the back, and still be able to see out my window!

Good ol' Nebraska, the only place you can read in the car without getting sick.

 Drove through the night and watched the sun rise in Missouri.

Passing by the arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

This is why I love the East. Everywhere you go is so pretty. 


We finally made it to Georgia after driving all day, all night, and all day again. We stayed there for a few days to visit my sister. 

After the few days we partied in Georgia, we drove 4 more hours and finally made it to Hanahan,    South Carolina. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shake That

So last Saturday was the 2nd annual National Dance Day. The choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance made up a dance for everyone to do. My little sister and my friend learned it (I didn't because I can't dance) so they could do it with everyone at the dance day event, only to find out there wasn't one in Utah. So we bopped around UVU campus and made a video of their Dance Day tribute.

Hello :D

Hey welcome to my blog! This is not one of those cool blogs that have a specific purpose. I created it mostly so I could have a place to share random thoughts about my crazy life. I was inspired to start it because of my mom's nostalgia about me finally moving out. I guess she has the right to be since I am moving to the other side of the country soon. I am starting my adult life and hope to see it filled with adventure, so I wanted to take you all with me. Hope you enjoy the ride!